Database Laboratory

Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University


PhD Thesis

January 2020

  • Satoshi Koide, Indexing, Retrieval, and Compression of Moving Objects in Networks: A String Processing Approach

May 2019

  • Sheng Hu, Efficient Text Autocompletion for Online Services

January 2019

  • Jing Zhao, Spatio-Temporal Data Warehousing for Exploratory Analysis of Scientific Data

January 2018

  • Kento Sugiura, Flexible Event Detection over Probabilistic Data Streams (in Japanese)

January 2016

  • Tingting Dong, Query Processing over Probabilistic Data with Gaussian Distributions

January 2015

  • Jie Zhang: A Study on Presentation Slide Reuse Support

November 2012

  • Xi Guo: Combining Multiple Interests in Decision Support Queries

January 2012

  • Machiko Toyoda: Fast Pattern Detection in Data Streams (in Japanese)

January 2011

  • Fengrong Li: Traceable Peer-to-Peer Record Exchange

Master Thesis

January 2022

  • Naoki Makita, Evaluation of a Lock-free Index by Reproducing a Bw-tree
  • Yoshihiro Matsumoto, Managing Dynamically Acquired Point Clouds with a Database
  • Naoki Tokumasu, Internal State Sharing with Databases in Parallel Data Stream Processing

February 2021

  • Yuta Kasai, Spatial Skyline Queries on Triangulated Irregular Networks (in Japanese)
  • Tianjia Ni, Approximate Query Processing with Error Guarantees (in Japanese)

February 2020

  • Mingmin Gao, Scalable Inference of Full Names from Abbreviations (in Japanese)
  • Shotaro Noda, A Visualization System Considering Diversity for
    Exploratory Multidimensional Data Analysis (in Japanese)
  • Kaoru Shimura, Machine Learning Using Database Schemas (in Japanese)

February 2019

  • Kento Katsuda, Influence Maximization for Targeted Users in Social Networks (in Japanese)
  • Yusuke Kawai, Analysis of Evacuation Trajectory Data Using Tensor Decomposition (in Japanese)
  • Daiki Takao, A Natural Logic Tableau Method based on Dependency Structures (in Japanese)

January 2018

  • Yaobin Hu, Context-Sensitive Query Auto-Completion with Knowledge Base
  • Atsuki Kanayama, Complex Event Processing by Event Calculus in Cooperation with RDBs (in Japanese)
  • Fuki Kawabata, Tongue Twister Generation Using Monte Carlo Tree Search With Multiple Measures (in Japanese)
  • Jing Li, Continual Updates of Demand Heatmap Based on RNN Queries

January 2017

  • Ryo Nakamura, Activity Event Processing for Lifelog Services Using Ontology (in Japanese)
  • Kanta Suzuki, Correcting Annotation Errors in a Treebank Based on Surrouding Contexts (in Japanese)
  • Yoshiaki Takimoto, Analysis of Semantic Trajectories Using Geo-Tagged Photos (in Japanese)
  • Jiahao Yu, Interpolating Road Segments on Incomplete Road Networks by Using Map Matching and Clustering (in Japanese)

January 2016

  • Sheng Hu, Efficient Autocompletion with Error Tolerance
  • Hirotaka Kondo, Method of Identifying Editor’s Expertise Field (in Japanese)
  • Pei Wang, Local Similarity Search for Unstructured Data

January 2015

  • Renhe Jiang: A Study on Mining Density-Based Semantic Trajectory Patterns (in Japanese)
  • Akira Nakamura: Analysis of Editors’ Relationships in Collaborative Authoring Systems (in Japanese)
  • Kento Sugiura: Flexible Event Detection in Probabilistic Data Streams (in Japanese)
  • Masakazu Takahashi: Design and Development of Semantic Complex Event Processing System (in Japanese)
  • Misaki Yanai: A General Ontology Framework for Location-Based Social Networks (in Japanese)
  • Kazushi Yoshida: Japanese Word Reordering based on Concurrent Execution with Dependency Parsing (in Japanese)
  • Jing Zhao: Spatial Database Query Processing for Participantory Sensing (in Japanese)

January 2014

  • Arata Hayashi: Spatio-Temporal Query Processing for Particle-based Uncertain Spatial Data (in Japanese)
  • Teppei Inaba: A Framework for Location Based Social Networks Using Ontology (in Japanese)
  • Jun Nishida: Detection of Personality from Utterance by a Speaker in Spoken Dialogue (in Japanese)
  • Takeshi Sugiyama: Query Processing on Road Networks Based on Multiple Objectives (in Japanese)
  • Hiroki Takayama: Automatic Collocation Extraction Using Co-occurrence of Dependency Structure (in Japanese)

January 2013

  • Tingting Dong: Processing Probabilistic Queries over Gaussian-based Uncertain Data
  • Kazuaki Iwai: Assessing Quality of Editors in Wikipedia (in Japanese)
  • Sho Kato: Complex Event Detection over Probabilistic Data Streams (in Japanese)

January 2012

  • Masanori Mano: Anonymizing Location Information and User Properties for Mobile Information Services (in Japanese)
  • Takuya Yokoyama: Spatial Database Query Processing in the Hadoop Environment (in Japanese)

January 2011

  • Kazuki Kodama: Construction Method of Spatial Indexes for Gaussian Distributions (in Japanese)
  • Koji Hotta: Moving Pattern Query Processing Based on Relational Databases (in Japanese)

January 2010

  • Takuya Iida: A Study on On-demand Information Delivery Methods in Mobile Environments
  • Yuichi Iijima: A Study on Efficient Processing Methods for Spatial Queries Based on Imprecise Location Information